Thorsten Knaub

Name of the making dojo: Shakuhachi Atelier TK, based in Paris, France and London, UK

Knaub first discovered the shakuhachi when encountering two Japanese musicians in India in 1990 and was fascinated by its sound and sonic versatility. Being curious about the seemingly simple construction of the instrument, he researched the making aspect of the instrument from early on, as well as attending making workshops with Kodama Hiroyuki (2011), and John Kaizan Neptune (2013).

In recent years he intensified his research and recently spent time in Japan with the master maker Miura Ryuho to study and deepen his knowledge about jiari shakuhachi making further.

Knaub hand selects his madake bamboo in Japan and crafts quality shakuhachi using original materials and an approach based on traditional making techniques. He also explores uses of alternative materials, eg. french bamboo and pvc materials in his workshop.

Selling shakuhachi since 2018