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If you have any questions about the European Shakuhachi Society, you can write us to this address:

Online events

For anything related to online events:


For questions about membership, whether you are interested in becoming a member or you are an already-existing member:


For questions about the newsletter or to submit material:

We will try to respond as soon as we can, but we are a small group of volunteers so please be patient with us if we take a bit longer than you expect!


We have a Facebook presence:

European Shakuhachi Society Official Facebook Group
For official updates from the ESS, including the latest information about upcoming workshops, events, discounts, newsletters etc.

European Shakuhachi Community Facebook Group
A group for the broader European shakuhachi community for discussion, sharing, etc.


We have a YouTube channel with trailers of our upcoming events and videos from past events or workshops. You can subscribe and get updates from videos from our members, events, and workshops.



The ESS operate a forum: “Practice, Culture and History of Japanese Bamboo Flute 尺八”.

Please visit the forum and take part in discussions with shakuhachi players, teachers and makers from all over Europe and beyond.

Follow us on twitter: @ESS_Events
NOTE: This account is currently inactive

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YahooGroups (obsolete)

No longer active, but we used to run a Yahoo group. It has been unused for many years now, and Yahoo Groups has been dissolved since 2020. The old address used to be: