Head over to the new website for more info or go straight to our ‘Tickets‘ page to book your place at WSF2018.

On the website you will find an overview of our invited guests as well as the various thematic areas the WSF in London will cover. And for the first time there will be min’yō too at a WSF!

In the coming weeks we will roll out more details about concerts, pieces to be performed and taught and other activities as soon as they are confirmed, and of course, we will launch our Japanese website version too.

Early Bird – 28 February to 31 March 2018. Don’t miss it!  

The World Shakuhachi Festival (WSF) is the major festival for shakuhachi aficionados from all over the world and is held on different continents approximately every four years since the first festival in 1994 in Bisei, Japan. The others have been in Boulder, USA 1998, Tokyo, Japan 2002, New York, USA 2004, Sydney, Australia 2008, and in Kyoto, Japan 2012.

The World Shakuhachi Festival 2018 in London continues the tradition and will consist of a diverse range of concerts, workshops, master classes, lectures, symposiums, exhibitions, study sessions and informal gatherings, most of which are open to the general public. It will be the first to be held in Europe, acknowledging and celebrating the fact that Europe has become a firmly established territory for the shakuhachi with substantial representation of various schools, styles and approaches to the performance of the instrument and its music.

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More information about WSF2018 in London will be released in due course, please stay tuned!

The WSF2018 team