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ESS NL Vol1 2017


The 2017 European Shakuhachi Summer School just finished. This year it took place at Grejsdalens Efterskole (Grejsdalen Continuation School) in Vejle, Denmark.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the participants, who made this event so amazing! Without your presence, your spirit and love for the shakuhachi – and the great feeling of community you created – it would not be possible to make events like this.

For more information please visit the archived Vejle 2017 web-site. More photos on our Facebook page ESS facebook group


An updated Summer School Schedule has just been added to the Vejle 2017 website:

UPDATE MAY 31 2017 – Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin

The ESS is saddened to report that Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin has passed away yesterday 30th May 2017. He suffered a heart attack.
Ronnie’s contribution to the shakuhachi world outside Japan was immense. Many great players studied with him. The shakuhachi community outside Japan would not have been what it is today without Ronnie’s hard work and dedication. He was a very kind, supportive and helpful person. He will be greatly missed


UPDATE MAY 16 2017 – THE ESS SUMMER SCHOOL VEJLE, 27 -30 July 2017

The Early Bird Registration Period has now ended, but there is still plenty of time to register
for this years’ European Shakuhachi Society Event in Vejle in Denmark!

Visit the registration page here:

Hope to see you there!


An updated Summer School Schedule has just been added to the Vejle 2017 website – Please have a look at

There are only a few days left to catch the Early Bird reduced registration fee. Monday 15th May is the last day for Early Bird.

Get your registration form here:


To all the European Shakuhachi Community

You are all invited for the yearly European Shakuhachi Summer School in Vejle, Denmark! The website is up and running and the registration for early bird has begun.

At the core of this year’s gathering is the notion of bonding together as a community. This year participants will have the choice to share all meals and stay under the same roof at a boading school. All 3 meals will be freshly made and brought to us from an award-winning café in Vejle.

Many of the leading shakuhachi teachers in Europe will be present – and from Japan we will also have Kogetsu Maekawa, an outstanding teacher/performer of Kinpū-ryū, Myoan-ryū and Echigo style. From Europe, we will have Wolfgang Fuyūgen Heßler, Hélène Seiyu Codjo, Gunnar Jinmei Linder, Suizan Lagrost, Véronique Piron, Jim Franklin, David Hughes, Gina Barnes, Kiku Day, Naoko Kikuchi, Torsten Olafsson and José Seizan Vargas.

The extra time we have together we will for example use to discuss WSF18 in London, so that the World Festival can become a festival for all of us.

Check the website out here:

** January 2017 ** Le shakuhachi japonais, une tradition réinventée **

A new book about the shakuhachi has been published by Bruno Chikushin Deschênes.
The book is published by Éditions L’Harmattan, Paris 2017. French language.

How to order and more information can be found at:

You can find a summary/press release in English here (PDF)

** January 2017 ** The European Shakuhachi Summer School 2017 in Vejle, Denmark **
Vejle-venueDates: 27 – 30 July 2017
Place: Vejle, Denmark
Venue: Grejsdalen Continuation School (Grejsdalens Efterskole)
Address: Grejsdalsvej 176, 7100 Vejle, Denmark
Workshops: We will as usual have a large variety of workshops including several styles of honkyoku, shinkyoku, sankyoku, contemporary music, group pieces and improvisation.
Teachers: Teachers will be a mixture of European players and a Japanese guest will be invited as well. More information to come.
Concerts: Open mic concert, teachers’ concerts, student concert at the end.
The venue:
Grejsdalen Continuation School is a boarding school. This means we can all sleep, eat and participate in the workshops, lectures, meetings and other events at the school under the same roof. The Shakuhachi Summer School 2017 will thus be one of intimate character, at which spending time together is treasured more than at other events.

The school has simple twin rooms for all participants to stay in. Depending on how many participants we will be, there may be some rooms left for people to stay in as single rooms.
We will soon post information about the nearest hotels, so people who prefer to stay in a hotel can do so.

More info and website will be forthcoming in early 2017.

NEWS 2016

** October 2016 – The ESS Circle of Advisers was further enriched by 2 new members **
We welcome Ruud Baanders and James Long!

** New Committee members and Advisers elected at ESS general meeting in Barcelona **
We welcome our new committee members: Nigel Puttergill takes on the role of Treasurer and our new publication team José Vargas & Philip Horan!
Many thanks to the outgoing committee members – Joe Browning, Michael Soumei Coxall and Horacio Curti.

Also we enriched our advisers group with new arrivals – Emmanuelle Rouaud, Markus Guhe and Christophe Gaston are now part of our Circle of Advisers.
We are looking forward to work with you all and moving the ESS forward into the next decade.

You can see the full list of committee members and advisers on the about-the-ess/ess-structure page

** BARCELONA 2016 **

For a second time the European Shakuhachi Society Summer School was held in Barcelona, Spain and again it was a great success. This time we had two guests from Japan – KEISUKE Zenyoji and KAKIZAKAI Kaoru – as well as many professional players/teachers from Europe. We had more than 60 participants from all over Europe and a very wide program on offer, including various styles of Honkyoku and Sankyoku, contemporary, ensemble, min’yō, shakuhachi making as well as classes on shakuhachi & meditation and the body in relation to shakuhachi practice and a concert by the invited teachers at the beautiful Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona. See the Barcelona 2016 website for the full program.

Also, 2016 being our 10-year anniversary, we had the ‘Shakuhachi – New Voices’ concert which was curated from open submissions and aimed to show new players and the variety of talent emerging all over Europe. Thank you very much for all the submission and the great concert.

And of course we also had a small birthday celebration!

Thanks to all the teachers and of course all the participants!

Update June 16th: The final schedule and the pieces to be taught at the Barcelona 2016 Summer School have been published.

You can find it all here:

See you in Barcelona!

Update May 2nd: The first two video intros have been released.

KEISUKE ZENYŌJI – teaching Kinpū-ryū Nezasa-ha repertoire and Kinko-ryū sankyoku at Barcelona 2016

KAORU KAKIZAKAI – teaching honkyoku of the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan, the lineage of Yokoyama Katsuya at Barcelona 2016

Watch the short introductions at:

Over the next weeks we will be introducing all the invited teachers of Barcelona 2016 – check the website every Monday and Thursday for latest postings.

Update 10th April: Don’t forget that there is only 1 WEEK left to pick up the EARLY BIRD reduced fee!

Please visit:
cost & booking information [english]

matricula & precios [español]

Since the ESS event for this Summer in Barcelona, 28-31.07.2016, will serve as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the ESS, we wish to use this opportunity to experiment with new approaches. Some of these aim to improve our event model, while others attempt to allow participants, and especially ESS members, to assume a larger performative role in the Summer School, in order to reflect the developing level of participants’ playing skills, and thus their potential for a more active part as performers in concerts.

This participants concert will be a curated concert (probably 28.07.2016, evening), aimed at advanced performers who are not teachers at the Summer School. Participants interested in performing at this concert are required to apply in advance to perform, and the curators will decide on the programme. The application process is described in detail below.

A feature of this concert will be the premiere performance of the work 20151113, for shakuhachi and koto, by French composer Marc Kowalczyk. This premiere is to be performed by an ESS member, who will be selected through a process that begins with an application made in advance.

For details of how to sent applications to perform in the participants’ concert and/or to perform the world premiere of a new shakuhachi composition please visit: (english) (español)


More information about ESS Barcelona 2016:

Direct link to ESS Barcelona 2016 “Early Bird” registration page by ESMUC:

Hello Shakuhachi enthusiasts from all around Europe and beyond.
The European Shakuhachi Society Summer School 2016 will be held in Barcelona from 28th to 31st July 2016.
As this is 10 years ago the first European Shakuhachi Summer School was held in London and the European Shakuhachi Society was created, we would like to celebrate this event with what shakuhachi players in Europe would like to do! Please come with suggestions on what you would like to do at the Summer School in Barcelona! Let us know: or

In the meantime check the Barcelona 2016 website for updates.

NEWS 2015

*** ANNOUNCEMENT 27-11-2015 ***
Following the postponement of the planned World Shakuhachi Festival (WSF) in Prague 2016, with the intention of holding it instead in 2017 at a different location, the European Shakuhachi Society (ESS) advises that it is hoping to hold the following events: 

1. A European Shakuhachi Summer School in 2016. Negotiations are currently underway for a suitable venue. This event, currently planned for July 2016, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the European Shakuhachi Society, and will gather not only many of the top shakuhachi teachers in Europe, but will also include international guests from Japan. The ESS Committee is currently in communication with potential invitees.

2. A World Shakuhachi Festival, to be organised collaboratively by ESS and Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan (KSK), to be held in 2017.

It is hoped that this event will pick up the threads of the postponed WSF2016, and we hope to welcome to this Festival the guests from Japan and elsewhere who were invited to WSF2016. Negotiations are underway for a venue and dates for WSF2017. We will advise you of progress in planning these events, and hope to be able to provide more details very soon.

Yours sincerely,

ESS Committee and Advisors

** NEW ESS NEWSLETTER ** Vol2 2015 The new ESS members’ newsletter Vol.2 2015 has been published and you can find it in the Publication section here: Publications/Newsletter

ESS NL Vol2 2015

A small souvenir of the European Shakuhachi Summer School 2015 in Paris. Thanks to all participants! Video by Marine Bourserie.

The ESS committee is very saddened to report that the shakuhachi teacher, Dieter Zuishō Nanz, from Geneva, Switzerland passed away on 20th May, 2015. He left behind his wife Shigeko and his son Masaru. Dieter was already a professional flute player and a musicologist when he began to study the shakuhachi in 1999. He studied with Kakiuchi Sanpū and Tajima Tadashi and received his shihan from the Jikisō ryū in 2008. He worked at the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève and will be greatly missed by his family, students, friends and by the whole shakuhachi community.

Dieter Zuishō Nanz

Dieter Zuishō Nanz


Paris 2015 teachers (english) Paris 2015 enseignants (français)

** NEW ESS NEWSLETTER ** VOL1 2015 The new ESS members’ newsletter Vol.1 2015 has been published and you can find it in the Publication section here: Publications/Newsletter

ESS NL Vol1 2015

* * * NEWS 30 JAN 2015: ESS SUMMERSCHOOL PARIS 2015 – REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN * * * Paris 2015 ‘Cost & Booking’ (english) Paris 2015 ‘Coût et Réservation’ (français)

NEWS 2014


Paris 2015 accommodation (english) Paris 2015 hébergement (français)

** NEW ESS NEWSLETTER ** VOL3 2014 JUST PUBLISHED The new ESS newsletter Vol.3 2014 has just been published. It features new articles and information around the shakuhachi, including a report from this year Summer School in Radolfzell – you can find it in the Publication section here: Publications/Newsletter

ESS NL Vol3 2014

** CD REVIEWS ** NEW CD REVIEW JUST ADDED Cornelius Shinzen Boots – Mountain Hermit’s Secret Wisdom

Secret Wisdom

You can read the review here: Publications/CD Reviews


The ESS Summer School in Radolfzell has just finished. Four days of great workshops and concerts!

Summer School participants and teachers perform Katsuya Yokoyama’s composition “Goru” in Allensbach

For more photos and information please visit: Summer Schools/Radolfzell-2014


Véronique Piron reviews two new CD releases by this years ESS Summer School Japanese guest teachers: Furuya Teruo, Matama Kazushi & Kakizakai Kaoru – Fudo and Furuya Teruo – Ukigumo.



Jim Franklin reviews the new LP release Recovery Suite by David Ross (electronics) & Clive Bell (shakuhachi)

Recovery Suite

You can read them here: Publications/CD Reviews


The new ESS newsletter Vol.2 2014 has just been published. It features new articles and information around the shakuhachi – you can find it in the Publication section here: Publications/Newsletter

ESS NL Vol2 2014


Radolfzell Summer School draft schedule uploaded Visit the Schedule & Concerts page to download the latest schedule.

** MARCH UPDATE: ** INDIVIDUAL LESSONS with Furuya Teruo, Matama Kazushi and Kakizakai Kaoru at Radolfzell 2014

Please see the Teachers page on the Radolfzell 2014 website for details of how to book an individual lesson in the days prior to the Radolfzell Summer School.

The new ESS newsletter Vol.1 2014 has just been published. It features new articles and information around the shakuhachi – you can find it in the Publication section here: Publications/Newsletter

ESS NL Vol1 2014


Rodrigo Rodriguez – The Road Of Hasekura Tsunenaga reviewed by Clive Bell.
You can read it in the CD Review section here: Publications/CD Reviews



In 2014, the European Shakuhachi Summer School will be held from June 19 to 22, in the town of Radolfzell in southern Germany, on the shores of Bodensee, the lake separating Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The focus of the 2014 Summer School will be honkyoku, with emphasis on the lineage of Yokoyama Katsuya as propagated by the Koksuai Shakuhachi Kenshukan, as well as contemporary music for shakuhachi. Other schools and directions will, of course, also be represented and taught, including Tozan and Kinko. Radolfzell For more information and to register please visit:

NEWS 2013


Clive Bell reviews two recent releases in the CD Review section: Chiku Za – Take To Iki and Sabu Orimo – Kamakura Juniso. You can read them here: Publications/CD Reviews

Chiku Za

Sabu Orimo

** BARCELONA 2013 **  VIEW VIDEOS & PHOTOS OF THE 2013 SUMMER SCHOOL The European Shakuhachi Society Summer School 2013 was held in Barcelona, Spain and was a great success. The activities included the teaching of four different honkyoku lines (Chikuho, KSK, Kinko  & Zensabo), contemporary music (both regarding composing and performing), beginners groups, min’yo, shamisen, koto, meditation and the body in practice. In addition to the classes we had conferences on several topics by both composers and teachers. Contemporary music was an important part of the event and featured special commission of five compositions for solo shakuhachi, that were premiered during the teachers concerts. There also were one student concert and one “open mic night”. The list of teachers included: Kaoru Kakizakai, Gunnar Jinmei Linder, Veronique Piron, Kiku Day, Jim Ashley Franklin, Yoshie Sakai (koto), Fumie Hihara (shamisen & koto) and Vika Kleiman (the body in practice). We had participants from countries as diverse as: Spain, UK, Holland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Russia, USA, Japan, Australia, and Greece among others. The ESS coordinated with the “Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya” (ESMUC), one of the top official music teaching institution in Spain, to organize the event. Two more institutions joined in on the organization: the “Museu de la música de Barcelona” (Barcelona Music Museum) and the “L´Auditori” concert hall. We were really fortunate to have an excellent venue – the shakuhachi making workshops at the Music Museum Workshop, the two teachers concerts at “L´Auditori” concert hall and all the rest of the activities at the ESMUC – all in the same building!

The videos & photos you can view here: Summer Schools/Barcelona 2013

We are looking forward seeing you at the next ESS Summer School in Radolfzell in 2014! [/full_width]

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