ESS Structure


The Committee
Chairperson – Kiku Day
Treasurer – Nigel Puttergill
Secretary – Nina Haarer
Media & Communication Officer – Markus Guhe
Publication Officers – José Vargas/Véronique Piron

Circle of Advisers
Jim Franklin
Véronique Piron
Gunnar Jinmei Linder
Jean-François Lagrost
Emmanuelle Rouaud
Christophe Gaston
Horacio Curti
Michael Soumei Coxall
Ruud Baanders
James Long
Thorsten Knaub

ESS members who have offered their help in case their areas of expertise are needed:

Joke Verdoold: Concert organisation.
Justin Senryu Williams: Lineages, Seien ryū.
Gentian Rahtz: Administration at summer schools and editing.

All ESS members are welcome to email us to let us know if you have an area where you would like to offer your help.